Stay updated (v. Tight Quarters, Inc.)

ORDER AND JUDGMENT GRANTING FINAL APPROVAL OF CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT by Judge S. James Otero: The Court 21 hereby approves the payment of an incentive award to the Plaintiff, in the amount of 22 $5,000.00.The Court approves the payment of attorneys fees to Class Counsel in the the sum of $60,000.00, to be apportioned as: $30,000.00 to Law Office of Jonathan Ricasa and $30,000.00 to Briana Kim, PC.The Court approves the reimbursement of litigation expenses in the sum of & #036;5,908.40, apportioned s as follows: $1,054.29 to Law28 Office of Jonathan Ricasa and $4,854.11 to Briana Kim, PC.Court approves a payment of $1,000.00 to California’s Labor & 2 Workforce Development Agency.. The Court approves and orders payment in the amount of $8,750.00 to Phoenix Settlement Administrators for performance of its settlement administration services. (SEE DOCUMENT FOR OTHER SPECIFICS). Related to: Order on Motion for Settlement 61 (MD JS-6, Case Terminated). (lc)



Opened Feb 24th, 2014:
STIPULATED PROTECTIVE ORDER by Magistrate Judge Jay C. Gandhi re Stipulation for Protective Order 36 . WHEREAS, on February 17, 2014, Plaintiff Armando Beristain-Vargas and Defendants Tight Quarters, Inc. and Telford T. Cottam filed a joint Stipulated Protective Order, Document #36 (Protective Order), in the above entitled action. FOR GOOD CAUSE SHOWN, the Protective Order, in its entirety, is hereby ordered into full force and effect. 37 (bem)


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