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As of our inception, Phoenix Settlement Administrators (PSA) and our senior case managers and associates have had the opportunity to work on cases ranging from complex Labor & Employment and Wage & Hour to Consumer Liability, Defects, TCPA and Financial Institution. PSA has given notice to classes of over 100,000 in our L&E/ W&H to over 10 million in one of our Consumer Liability cases. PSA is always striving to identify ways to best serve our Client/Attorney partners, with innovative and “Head of the Class” ideas and thought.

Because of the increase of “Professional Objectors,” PSA only shares case information with Class Members who have been identified as certified Class Members and does not make public its current and on-going Class Action cases.

If you are a Class Member or believe you should be a Class Member, please call (800) 523-5773, and ask to speak with a case manager to help you. PSA guarantees that our Class Member identification information is safe, encrypted and held in the strictest of confidence.

If you are a potential Attorney partner, please call (800) 523-5773 and request to speak about our services. All of us at PSA look forward to working with you on your next Class Action case. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us for a quote.