Lugo v. My World

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Lugo v. My World

If you were part of this Class Action Lawsuit, please review the following attachments.

    Case Information:
    Notice – Generic: Click Here – English (pdf)
    Notice – Generic: Click Here – Spanish (pdf)
    My World Exclusion – Generic: Click Here – (pdf)
    My World Change of Address – Generic: Click Here – (pdf)

    Court Documents:
    Plaintiff’s Class Action Complaint: Click Here – (pdf)
    Alondra Hot Wings’ Answer to the Complaint: Click Here – (pdf)
    Order Certifying the Class: Click Here – (pdf)
    Plaintiff’s Class Action Complaint for Damages: Click Here – (pdf)

    If you should have any questions, please click the email tab, and send your questions to

    Mailing Address is:

    Lugo v. My World
    c/o Phoenix Settlement Administrators
    P.O. Box 7208
    Orange, CA 92863